Founded in 1997, Gleneagles Group is a family office management company with headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. Our mission is to lead high net worth families to more effective wealth management decisions. Our firm works with a limited number of families to provide highly customized services including: consolidated financial reporting, tax planning and management, investment management, family governance, generational planning and continuing education guidance. Gleneagles Group is wholly owned by our employees and client families.

Our philosophy is that high net worth wealth management is complicated, multi-faceted and varies from family to family. To make effective decisions, these families need customized strategies specific to their needs that have been developed by an experienced team. We believe that most wealth management firms and multi-family offices are actually investment management firms that advertise other services, but don't dedicate the necessary time and attention to these critical, non-investment areas of service. Our clients want investment managers that do one thing, to give outstanding investment advice, and we can help them source and assess these managers. In addition to this, we have a broad range of strategic partners who provide expertise to our families in matters such as alternative investment management and lifestyle management. Through these associations, and the strength of our experienced team, our clients have access to a comprehensive wealth management platform that will help them reach their short and long term goals.