Enterprising Family

Enterprising families are “doers” by definition. Our enterprising families often come to Gleneagles because they’ve been coordinating their wealth alone – but now want to save time, engage with our expertise, and focus on their passions. Whether you are building a company or have legacy wealth to leverage into bigger and better things, you need experiential wisdom to guide your journey. We begin with our trademark curiosity about your priorities and vision, and then dedicate ourselves to serving as your guide and partner.

From innovative investment tactics to cash management to trust and estate planning, the Gleneagles team works with you to build and protect your legacy. We assist with charitable giving plans, ensuring they make maximum impact while minimizing tax burdens. And because milestones may bring new priorities, together we customize plans that evolve to meet your needs.

Enterprising Family Services

Our aggregated reporting provides a holistic view of the family holdings: framing liquidity, public and private investments, trusts, real estate, and other complex assets. This data aggregation fuels informed decision-making and gives families peace of mind that their entire financial portfolio is included and considered.

We develop and execute smart strategies for growth, preservation, management, and distribution of assets. Our team is skilled in minimizing estate taxes, setting up trusts, auditing the changing needs of family members, and collaborating with legal and tax professionals for best outcomes.

Some of our families retain us as their investment advisor. Through Gleneagles Investment Advisors, our full-service registered investment advisor (RIA), we work in partnership with families to craft strategic asset allocation, and to execute and monitor those positions.

We offer expert guidance in unique situations such as strategically handling the sale of an enterprise, in addition to maintaining a balance of liquidity and debt structures for proper asset allocation and staying on-top of capital calls and account balances.
Charitable planning is at the heart of legacy formation. We help families craft a vision and mission for gifting, whether that be in private family foundations, donor advised funds, or directly through trust structures to charitable organizations.
Our bookkeeping and bill pay services free your family to focus on other priorities while we ensure timely payments, account maintenance and reconciliation, and accounting strategies to align with your overall goals.

An Enterprising Family Story

An entrepreneurial family’s company attracted a buyout from a global giant in the same industry. With the acquisition looming, they turned to Gleneagles for guidance on how to handle a major liquidity event. During and after the sale, our experts helped with holistic strategies to:

  1. Set up brokerage accounts for new entities that were created to receive business sale deposits.
  2. Create and execute strategic asset allocation plans for each new entity.
  3. Collaborate with other private ventures that aligned with the family’s risk tolerance and industry knowledge.
  4. Work with external CPAs to ensure all taxable gains were captured correctly for the sale year and provide estimated future tax payments.
  5. Facilitate and administer newly-created charitable trusts and the distributions triggered from the sale.
  6. Create a client wealth book to showcase how their wealth works to support the family enterprise growth.

Gleneagles helped the family navigate their liquidity event and developed a comprehensive strategy for wealth management. This paved the way for several of the family members to pursue new, directly-held operating ventures that align with their dreams and vision for the future.