Transitional Family

A major liquidity or life event can spark new challenges, priorities, and opportunities. Whether a family company has recently been sold or a family leader has stepped aside, transitional families are often in flux. It’s a time to create a framework for the future, taking into consideration new family dynamics. 

Gleneagles helps families in transition with a full range of services so you can make the most of your growing wealth. We implement goal-based strategic planning that allows each family member to outline their independence and interdependence on one another. Our customized estate planning and smart tax strategies protect your wealth, and our user-friendly, consolidated financial reporting keeps all the information you need at your fingertips. Together, we collaborate on a plan to empower your family and then work alongside you to make your dreams a reality. 

Transitional Family Services​

We develop and execute smart strategies for growth, preservation, management, and distribution of assets. Our team is skilled in minimizing estate taxes, setting up trusts, auditing the changing needs of family members, and collaborating with legal and tax professionals for best outcomes.
Generational wealth advancement requires strong tax planning. We collaborate with your existing advisors (or we can find the right firm for you) to structure and execute strategic tax management for your family today and for generations to come.

Our aggregated reporting provides a holistic view of the family holdings: framing liquidity, public and private investments, trusts, real estate, and other complex assets. This data aggregation fuels informed decision-making and gives families peace of mind that their entire financial portfolio is included and considered.

We work together with families and their advisors to monitor all assets across the family enterprise, ensuring that each investment is working to support the overall goals of the family.

Some of our families retain us as their investment advisor. Through Gleneagles Investment Advisors, our full-service registered investment advisor (RIA), we work in partnership with families to craft strategic asset allocation, and to execute and monitor those positions.

We offer expert guidance in unique situations such as strategically handling the sale of an enterprise, in addition to maintaining a balance of liquidity and debt structures for proper asset allocation and staying on-top of capital calls and account balances.
Charitable planning is at the heart of legacy formation. We help families craft a vision and mission for gifting, whether that be in private family foundations, donor advised funds, or directly through trust structures to charitable organizations.
Our bookkeeping and bill pay services free your family to focus on other priorities while we ensure timely payments, account maintenance and reconciliation, and accounting strategies to align with your overall goals.

A Transitional Family Story

Realizing the company he’d built over many years was large enough to be a public company or to be sold to a large, strategic buyer, one Founder-CEO turned to Gleneagles for strategy development and support. Together, we:

  1. Established generation-skipping and charitable-remainder trusts for his family.
  2. Engaged a qualified appraiser to value the company stock that was gifted to the trusts.
  3. Strategically leveraged estate tax exemptions and secured additional income tax deductions through charitable donations.
  4. Outlined the SEC reporting issues he would face as CEO and a public company insider.
  5. As part of the IPO, amended the voting power of the company stock to give super-voting rights to him and other investors and spun out a subsidiary company.
  6. Engaged legal counsel to modify several trusts and adjust the company shares within them, maximizing the impact of those shares for long-term benefit.
  7. Established a charitable donor advised fund so he could gift post-IPO stock.

By collaborating with Gleneagles, this Founder-CEO secured his family’s financial future and had time to focus on his company’s IPO.