Our Families

Focused on Serving Your Family

At Gleneagles, we recognize two things: that each of our families is walking a unique path — and that the only constant is change. For more than 25 years, we have tailored our family office services to meet the changing needs of families. Our experienced team is ready to help you meet the goals you have for your family’s wealth and legacy.

We start by listening to you – your dreams, capital needs, and risk aversion – and deliver thoughtful, customized solutions that meets your specific situation today and can evolve to address the changing needs of your family tomorrow. Your Gleneagles team is designed to specifically fit the changing needs of your family. Our family teams typically consist of five to seven team members: a Relationship Manager (your main point of contact), a Family CFO, a Family Accountant, a Tax Manager, Investment Advisor, Legal Counsel, and bookkeeping and bill pay personnel. Because our resources are shared among families, Gleneagles can provide these services exactly when and how you need them. 

Each member of our team brings their skills and strengths to bear, drawing a circle of support and wisdom around your family. We collaborate with you, on the financial as well as the non-financial elements of managing family wealth, always with an eye towards tax planning, treasury management, and onboarding the next generation.

We devote the attention and bring the expertise it takes to help your family succeed on their wealth journey. With Gleneagles, you can focus on your family and your passions, secure in the knowledge that we will help guide you to meet your goals.


“Doers” by definition, enterprising families often coordinate all aspects of their wealth (which can be exhausting). Partnering with Gleneagles gives you the peace of mind and freedom to engage with our expertise so you can save time and focus on your passions.


A major liquidity or life event creates new challenges, priorities, and opportunities. When your family is in transition, Gleneagles offers a full range of services to help you make the most of your growing wealth.


Markets fluctuate, businesses expand or even sell, and your family can multiply in the blink of an eye. Gleneagles supports successful wealth continuity within generational families with effective communication structures, rising generation education, and both individual and collective vision for wealth and the family.