The Power of Community

One of the benefits of a shared family office is the connection we bring to our community of families. Gleneagles hosts three signature events where you, your family members, and family office executives can collaborate with one another, share best practices, and learn from leading industry experts.

The 50 is a collaborative event for senior family office executives. In 2014, Clay Bradley and David Plyler, leaders in the family office industry, joined forces to create a conference that encourages collaboration and trusted, thought-provoking discussion. With delegates who engage and thought-leader sponsors who prioritize sharing over selling, The 50 is a forum where participants strive to raise the bar on industry knowledge and solutions.

The Tables: Women in Conversation gathers women in a position to make significant impacts on their family’s enterprise, in their homes, and within their communities. The Tables provide an intimate space where mothers, daughters, sisters, cousins, friends, and peers can engage with one another and with thought leaders to explore ideas, forge connections, and discover new perspectives.

The Family Program invites multi-generational family members to gather alongside peers from other families to engage with one another and leading industry experts in discussions on topics surrounding wealth and its impact on families. This workshop-style event allows family members to work together, using input from experts and peers, to forge the best path forward for their family.

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