Generational Family

Managing generational wealth is challenging and often overwhelming. Modern wealth planning aims to sustain both assets and family factors (such as harmony and goodwill). Gleneagles can help. We understand successful wealth transfers need effective communication structures, rising generation education and exposure, and both individual and collective vision for wealth and the family. Our team has time-tested, best practice experience in legal, tax, real estate, and investments — and equally excels at guiding families on family governance, education, and family meetings. 

Because personalities, goals, and priorities often shift from generation to generation, our team advises families in constructing a plan that is both inclusive and strategic. Our experience in facilitating family gatherings, preparing the rising generation, and crafting family processes brings peace and alignment to the family enterprise. We collaborate seamlessly with your other advisors to ensure every detail is addressed. Most importantly, we help your family create a shared vision, convene around common values, and suggest policies to guide future generations.

Generational Family Services

We develop and execute smart strategies for growth, preservation, management, and distribution of assets. Our team is skilled in minimizing estate taxes, setting up trusts, auditing the changing needs of family members, and collaborating with legal and tax professionals for best outcomes.
Generational wealth advancement requires strong tax planning. We collaborate with your existing advisors (or we can find the right firm for you) to structure and execute strategic tax management for your family today and for generations to come.

Our aggregated reporting provides a holistic view of the family holdings: framing liquidity, public and private investments, trusts, real estate, and other complex assets. This data aggregation fuels informed decision-making and gives families peace of mind that their entire financial portfolio is included and considered.

We work together with families and their advisors to monitor all assets across the family enterprise, ensuring that each investment is working to support the overall goals of the family.

Some of our families retain us as their investment advisor. Through Gleneagles Investment Advisors, our full-service registered investment advisor (RIA), we work in partnership with families to craft strategic asset allocation, and to execute and monitor those positions.

The stakes are higher with wealth. We identify, assess, and mitigate any financial, legal, strategic, cyber, personal, and security risks to your family, and call on our network of expert partners to address any gaps.
We offer expert guidance in unique situations such as strategically handling the sale of an enterprise, in addition to maintaining a balance of liquidity and debt structures for proper asset allocation and staying on-top of capital calls and account balances.
Charitable planning is at the heart of legacy formation. We help families craft a vision and mission for gifting, whether that be in private family foundations, donor advised funds, or directly through trust structures to charitable organizations.
Our bookkeeping and bill pay services free your family to focus on other priorities while we ensure timely payments, account maintenance and reconciliation, and accounting strategies to align with your overall goals.

Education, building competencies, and boosting confidence prepares the rising generation (no matter the age) to be successful, future wealth strategists. We work with your family on tailored family events and selecting targeted outside conferences and programs to help future leaders acquire the skills and perspectives to lead your family forward.

A tailored governance structure will help ensure your family flourishes across generations. We work with families to craft effective guidelines and policies that act as a roadmap, and we prepare family members to step into their roles as board members and future family leaders.
From the dining room to the board room, successful families manage and transition wealth together. We facilitate and moderate family meetings to address the unique needs of your family, keeping focus on effective communication of information and celebration of the family entity.

A Generational Family Story

When the family patriarch passed away leaving no strategic wealth management plan in place, his widow turned to Gleneagles for help. To bring peace of mind and confidence during this challenging time, our team worked to:
  1. Help the surviving spouse and their adult children define their goals.
  2. Assess her liquidity needs for the remainder of her life.
  3. Develop an aggressive plan for passing wealth to her children and charitable giving.  
  4. Create long-term generational trusts, foundations and family partnerships for each child utilizing estate planning techniques including Grantor Retained Annuity Trusts, sales of partnership interests to the new trusts, charitable lead annuity trusts, and note forgiveness at death.
  5. Collaborate with outside advisors to hedge single stock positions.
  6. Create an educational trust to fund college expenses for at least two generations of grandchildren and great-grandchildren.
  7. Ensure that at the spouse’s death, there were no estate taxes, most assets were in long-term generation skipping trusts, and family foundations were funded for 20+ years through charitable lead annuity trusts and other tax efficient giving.
Together, we preserved the family wealth for future generations, created a family identity, and ensured their legacy through charitable giving. Our plan successfully divided assets among siblings to enable independence and foster positive family relationships.